Broccoli microgreens are among the most nutritious vegetables in the world. Mine are supercharged with Sea-90® minerals. You can tell the difference in taste and over time will feel it. According to doctors of nutrition, consuming 40-60 grams of broccoli sprouts or microgreens (the difference is a week apart in growth) a day will increase quality of life and health over time, especially for the diabetic, vascular and cognitively challenged (see lecture). Subscribe for a couple of months and see if the swelling in your feet and ankles goes down. It did for me!  
6/1/21 - Germinated 5 trays of broccoli. They will be ready to harvest starting on Friday when they'll be 10 days old.
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What date would you like your crop delivered? Please order at least three weeks in advance.


Number of broccoli microgreen trays would you like? Each tray is 10" x 20" and yields 280-285 grams or 8-10 ounces. Each tray is $25, full of growth and 14 days old unless otherwise aranged, broccoli is at its peak between 12-20 days.